Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wisdom Teeth, Inauguration, Losing Tooth #3, and 20 months old

There has been the normal routine going on here. The boys were all on antibiotics over the last week and now everyone is doing great, except for Mom who now has the sinus congestion stuck in her sinuses and miserable with sinus pain and dried out from taking sinus medicine; even my eyes are dry. But, at least they are all feeling better.

Nico and Luca played for an hour today with a big box from some shelves I was putting together. It was so fun to watch them and listen to them laugh with each other. They love each other so much. Nico is so glad to have someone to play with. Luca fits right in and for 20 months old, plays like the big guys.

Brian had his wisdom teeth taken out Monday. Yep, he had all four removed. He did awesome! They put him to sleep for the surgery and it is always scary with Brian and his CMS. The surgeon did great monitoring and had all four out within 25 minutes. He has such a high tolerance to pain (with all his past history of surgies and just living with pain), he only took a couple doses of pain meds and even ate Jack in the Box that night (not by my choosing, he was with his dad), but he came out great. He had a bit of swelling and a little bruising. He's my trooper!

Yes, that is the "Mom, not pictures of this!!!!" look.

Here he is 3 days later with just a bit of chipmunk cheeks.

We spent Tuesday morning with our North County Homeschool Coop group watching the inauguration of President Obama. The kids made pennants and actually sat to watch what was going on. It was fun to watch it with others and make it an educational experience for our kids.

The boys working on their pennants.

The swearing in.

Luca intent on watching Obama.

I wanted to add a couple of pictures of Luca with the girls. I love this group because we have two sets of kids all around the same ages.

They were playing with a sticker under the edging of the fireplace. It was so cute to see them huddled there together.

Nico's 3rd loose tooth finally fell out. It has been driving me crazy. He pulled out the last two that fell out of the bottom, but he wanted this one to fall out on its own. It was sooo loose and he wouldn't pull it. The adult tooth started coming in behind it and pushed the baby tooth out so it was sticking out like a buck tooth and wouldn't wiggle backwards anymore. He was sleeping in Brian's room in the trundle bed. He said he rolled and fell out of the top bed hitting his tooth on the edge of the bed. The tooth fell out right into his palm. Brian yelled down to us and we ran up to see the splendor of another sign of my baby growing up. He now has a bit of a lisp. I need to video tape him.

The missing tooth. His lips were so chapped he didn't want to smile. He is so handsome.

"Alright already Mom, it hurts to smile!"
You can see the adult tooth now pushing the next one out. Pretty soon he'll have a big hole in the front of his mouth.

Luca turned 20 months old yesterday. His newest things are doing a somersault, saying 'nana' for banana, 'dye-dye' for bye-bye, says "Hi dad", can sign 'more, please, and thankyou'. He even puts the more and please together. I want to teach him more signing, but am afraid he won't talk if he knows how to do all the signing. It is great, he signs and gets this HUGE grin on his face. We all clap and get him what he wants. Yesterday he brought his bowl to the refridgerator, tried to open it, couldn't, then looked at me, set his bowl down and signed 'more, please'. I knew he wanted blueberries as he had just had some in the same bowl. So smart!!!! He is now walking backwards very well and laughs when he does it. He throws the ball accuratley and loves playing catch. He sits and draws and makes a point to be sure you look at his drawing. He babbbles alot and really knows what he is saying (although we don't quite know it all yet).
Here he is on his 'computer' during lesson time. He is getting to be quite a poser when I take pictures.


Melissa said...

Awww I love all the new pictures. :-) And your new background is adorable!!!

Edward Son said...

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