Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nothing too eventful

Not a whole lot going on this week. We did get our 'hairs' cut. Luca received a trimming off the top, sides, and bangs. She also layered out the back, but she didn't take any off the length in the back. He still has all his curls! I just love rolling them around my fingers. Brian has his hair cut short and thinned out. He is ready to go apply for those jobs this week. I also had about an inch cut off of mine, just to get the split ends off. It is not near as scraggly now. Nico wants to let his hair grow out, so we are giving him another month until he will need to get it shaped up, but keep the length.

I have been so hungry for home meals that tonight I laid out a menu for my four days off. Kroger has some good 0.88 cent deals this week. I am sticking to this resolution fairly well. We even skipped using our Quizno coupon today and ate the food we had at home. Nico wanted soup instead. This week is going to be Cheeseburger casserole and cole slaw, salsa chicken made in the crockpot with mixed, sauted vegetables, cube steak and mashed potatoes, and chili and salad. Yum! I am hungry already.

Nico seems to have an ear infection so we'll be seeing the doctor tomorrow. The poor thing was feeling so awful on Friday, but is feeling better today. The fever is much lower and he only took aspirin twice today. I just hate when my babies don't feel well.

This week we were back in full swing with lessons, hiphop, tumbling, and art class. The boys are now working toward a fun day each month. Nico picked a trip to Brunswick Zone if they do their lessons well (without complaining). They can only have 2 bad days each for the month (because we all have bad days). Brian gets to pick an event next month. They did great this week!!! It took them forever to get their stuff done on Tuesday, but with two weeks off it was hard to get back into it (This is why we don't take a 3 month break in the summer). I can just imagine what those teachers felt like with a classroom full of 20-30 students after the Holiday break. I will post pictures later of Luca doing his lesson. He is learning to stack the stackable cups. We were busy working on our stuff and we turned around and Luca had a stack of 3 cups on top of each other. He was clapping for himself. It was so cute! Nico says, "It isn't fair that Luca's lessons are so easy!" I have to remind him that every minute of the day Luca is learning, just as we all are.

I am doing pretty good so far with my New Year's Resolutions. When people try to rile me up at work, I just kind of smile and bite my tongue (not always, but better than before). I am thankful to have a job! I have cooked several meals over the last week and a half. I need to make more at one time though to have leftovers for work. I don't really cook for two of my work days as it is all I can do to get 4 hours of sleep in the day and function to drive home and spend time with the kids. As for the house cleaning, well, it didn't all happen last Thursday as I hoped, but I did start cleaning up the kitchen today. My goal for this week is to get our front room clean out. This is the room in the new house that was not designated as any particular room, so all the extra boxes were placed here. Most of it is my homeschooling items that aren't in use right now, but will be in the future. I am going to go ahead and make sure they are in plastic containers and move them to what will become the school house. This room needs to be cleaned out as we are moving everything left at the other house on the 22nd. There are a couple of couches that will find their way into that room plus a TV for the kids to play their video games on so we can have the big screen. So, it is in the works!

Pictures coming later this week. Our internet at home has issues so we are hoping to get someone out to investigate. Living in the country we can only get satellite. I think our satellite is out of whack.


Ferrick said...

I had so much fun catching up on your blog tonight. Love "the hair" pics. Blessings, Susie

LittlePeopleWealth said...

Good for you for sticking to your resolutions :)