Sunday, March 23, 2008

10 months old

First off, Happy Easter. I hope everyone had a blessed day. We sure did. The family was all together and everyone is healthy.

My baby turned 10 months old today. I am really missing him. (I sure wish he could have been here). I did show some clips from the video I took while I was visiting him in February. The family hadn't seen them yet. We laughed while watching him eating peas (he gagged and made funny faces). So in spirit and thoughts he was definitely there.

I am hoping for good news over the next few weeks. I am ready for my family leave and to have my angel home in my arms. Nico and Brian are also anxious for their little brother to get home, Nico especially is looking for a buddy to play with.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Back in PGN

The response from the atty is that we are back in PGN (I am assuming as of Friday the 14th). This week is Holy Week in Guatemala and everything pretty much shuts down for the holiday. I can't say that I blame them, but it is another week my baby doesn't get closer to coming home.

I did however, receive a new dvd of him. A short 4 minute video, but worth every minute. He is 8 months old in the video. It was either taken right before I had gone on my visit or right after, still priceless to have.

Friday, March 14, 2008

PGN Update

Well, I wrote the adoption agency for an update....this is her reply...we received a kickout for an updated medical on Luca. UGh! It wasn't a big deal, because he is at the dr. every month (and should have just been there this month), so we are suppose to go back in tomorrow (saturday? I am not sure they are open then, so it may be Monday). I am not sure if the weeks of counting start over or not. We were on week 3.5 in PGN (used to take 8-10).

Someone else who went in on the same day as us (2/19) was out on 3/11 and already has her baby's new BC and passport. It is so frustrating. I miss him more and more each day.

I have been scrapbooking some of his pictures and I am only able to get one page done at a time. I really am ready to go see him again! I miss my little chubsy wubsy guy. He grows more and more each time I get pictures and I feel like I am missing so much.

I am devoting lots of time to the other two boys though. The weather has been warming up and we played outside today. We had some fun with animal behavior today. We were watching one of the cats stalk the birds. She is in no way sneaky enough and I think has ADD because she doesn't have much patience to sit and wait. Nico had fun watching and then trying it himself. He makes a really cute cat. He also had the binoculars out, laying on the ground, and creeping up on the birds to try to identify them.

I can't wait to get Luca home and share with him the joys of our life!

Love to all and keep the prayers coming for us and all the waiting babies.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Still Waiting

I was hopeful last week as many folks who went into PGN the week before us were getting out already. I am still hoping we will be out by the end of March. Mixco still seems to be taking forever on some Birth Certificates and others are getting out quickly. I pray God wants this little guy home with me soon so our case will move through smoothly.

I am really missing him and want to go visit again. I wish I could hop on a plane and go. I have to be patient and wait though. I have my boys to attend to here. I should get an update this week on his medical and hopefully some new pics. I received new pics 2 weeks ago as a surprise. He is laughing while being tickeled by his care giver. I miss that laugh!