Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Being a homeschool family we rarely take a 'snow day' because we already have everything we need at home and if they finish their lessons they can go outside anyway.....however, today was an exception!!! We had a beautiful snow fall last night and the weather was perfect for bundling up and playing outside. There was minimal to no wind and the sun was shining brightly. We took the whole day off of school. The kids were excited!!!

We had plenty of ice around Christmas so were glad for some fluffy snow. This was really Luca's first time in the snow. He really liked it. He was on his hands and knees playing in it and throwing it around. He was laughing and following his big brothers everywhere.

Nico and I had a good snow ball fight going!

The boys wandered down to the pond which was frozen and covered with snow. (There is only about a foot of water in the pond right now). Here they made snow angels.

Luca gets some help

Even, Petey, the dog, had a great time in the snow. Petey has hip dysplasia and rarely gets too excited. However, today all his peeps were outside with him and he was loving the snow! He was rolling in it and sticking his face in it. The cats were out prowling and I have a picture of Hera watching the snow from the window last evening.

Both Petey and Luca wore themselves out today. Petey has been laying on the stair landing all afternoon and evening and Luca took a 3.5 hour nap!!!! (He needs to do that on the days I work).

It was also nice to get outside and maybe clear some germs from our systems. We are all feeling better now and hopefully it will stay that way.

We tried to talk Mike into using the car hood he had sitting around for a sled....but no go...shucks!! Nico even said, "But Dad, there is already a hook here to tie a rope to!!!" Maybe next time I'll remember to grab the sled from the other house.

We came inside and made some yummy cookies. Luca was so funny....he pulled the chair over to the oven, sat on it, and watched the cookies bake...only for a short while because he can't sit for 10 minutes. :-)

What a great day we had together!!!!

Now we have had our snow......Come on SPRING!


Kelly said...

Man, Luca is looking so grown up. The time is just flying! He is such the cutey!! Hope we will see you at MOGuat :)

Jenn said...

Hey there! I'm Mel's friend Jenn, you've commented on my blog a couple of times. I just got a chance to check out your blog and I'm so excited to learn that you do homeschooling!!!! Kaitlyne is just now 2 1/2, but we're already starting some homeschooling things with her, little "letter of the week" activities and what not. Do you use a curriculum or how do you do it?? I'm interested in learning more!!! Congratulations on your 3 beautiful boys!!!