Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Priceless Few Weeks

Wow, we have had a great couple of weeks. The weather in MO has finally warmed up. Although we have had quite a bit of rain, the temperatures are perfect (for me).

After Mother's Day we celebrated my birthday on May 17. Mike was so thoughtful and bought me a little cake and peanut butter cup icecream...YUM...on Friday night (I work Sat-Mon night so we celebrated early). I was really surprised and that was all I needed. Nico made me the cutest card and gave me $2 out of his piggy bank (I snuck it back in there though). I did not want anything else for my birthday as there is nothing I need except for my family.

The following week was Luca's 2nd birthday. Because it fell on a Saturday I decided to wait to have the big family party until June 7 when the family will be coming to the house for a BBQ and to watch Nico's Hip-Hop recital (can't wait~and I get to take a vacation day). However, I did give Luca a couple of his presents and we made cupcakes for him and sang HB to him on his day.

This week, the 31st, is bringing Daddy's (Mike's) Bday. Again, we are both working, so Nico and I are planning on getting a Dairy Queen IceCream Cake on Monday to celebrate during the day (we both work Monday night).

This week, we took a couple of days and went on another camping trip. Once again, we went to Cuivre River State Park. It is very close to our home but we wanted to try out the RV again and make sure things were working properly before we take it on a big trip (the end of July-WI here we come). We found a water leak and one a/c keeps kicking off the breaker. So, the next month, Mike will be doing a few repairs. Thank goodness he is a handy man!

Back to the trip. Melissa, my coworker and very good friend, met us on Friday with her fiance, Nate. We had arrived on Thursday. I had the wonderful experience of driving the RV for the first time as I had to drive it back Saturday on my own since Mike was working during the day. I did fine, but sure was nervous. However, now I know I can do it!!

We had a great time swimming in the lake (well, the boys swam and played in the water), and sitting on the beach. We took a couple of hikes and Luca did soooo good walking most of the 1.5 mile hike. Nico found butterfly wings, frogs, turtles, and all kinds of fungus. I took several pictures and so did Nate. Here is one picture Nate took. He is such a good photographer. I will be enlarging this photo and hanging it on my wall.

I love taking the boys camping and going on trips. It brings back such fun memories of when I was a kid. Two weeks out of the summer we would jump in the camper and hit the road. Mom had the rest stops all planned out and places to visit. I am not that organized and we tend to just wing it most of the time. However, the joy of the great outdoors and such quality family time is so PRICELESS. No TV, no Gameboy or Nintendo DS, just family board games, bike riding, hiking, washers, and sitting around the campfire.

I enjoyed this week so much, when I came into work Saturday night, it seemed like I had been away for quite a while. Those four days off sure were special and we only camped for two nights.

I love my family!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day Collage

This is a collage of the photos we took for Mother's Day. These three boys are truley my dream come true! I have always wanted children and having endometriosis kept me from having them on my own. Someone above had other plans for me as these three beautiful children were meant to be mine. We all fit so well together.

Just tonight I was watching and listening to Nico and Luca playing cars. Luca turns 2 on Saturday, May 23, and Nico is 7.5. Luca was lining the cars up and making car noises. Nico decided to not play on the computer and play with his little brother. I loved having siblings and am sure glad I have been blessed with this precious family of mine.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day at Our House

Brian posed the boys as "See no Evil, Hear no Evil, and Speak no Evil" monkeys!

Mother's Day was pretty much like any other Sunday here. I worked Saturday night, slept part of Sunday, and off to work again Sunday night. I did get wonderful chocolates and my favorite candy, Swedish Fish! I pretty much celebrated Mother's Day by picking Brian up Thursday evening from his dad's and keeping him until Saturday on my way to work. He enjoyed being able to relax and sleep in for a change. It was nice to have all the boys together. We didn't do anything extra special except spend time together. We had the Lincoln County Homeschool Fair to attend on Friday morning, we went to dinner at our favorite Chinese Restaruant in Troy (only two of those to pick from :-), and just hung out with the beautiful weather. Oh yeah, we also rented and watched "Twilight". Brian and I both read the book so it was fun watching it together and being able to discuss it. Nico joined us in the viewing.
I had Mike snap some photos of the boys and me. I usually hate having my picture taken, but I am actually happy with the photos we took....I think I actually look good in them.

I love wrestling with my boys. I love having them all home. It was such a beautiful day.