Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Visit

Here we are in Guatemala. The boys are just loving Luca. They have been so helpful. I just wonder how long it will last. Luca is a charmer. He is so smart. He imitates quickly. He took his first steps without holding onto anyone or anything. I was soooo excited, I got it on video. The foster mom had said he was still holding onto things. He doesn't walk all the time on his own, but definitely 5 steps in a row at times. He eats well, laughs, loves the pool, and loves to pick on Nico. It is so funny. He'll look like he is giving Nico a kiss and then head butt him and laughs (Luca laughs). He says 'mama' and comes to me; whether he calls all women mama or knows I am mama from the FM showing him pictures, I don't know, but...I'll take the later :-)

We are dreading leaving on Friday. Tomorrow we will have his birthday. We have met many families here and some are coming to his party. We will have great pictures for his scrapbook.

Still no word on when cases will be released from PGN. It is very frustrating. I wish we would get out while we are here. Then onto the BC. I have some contacts on a way to get Luca's BC quicker -- maybe. We'll see what happens. We want him home so bad. He is on a schedule and we want to keep it. He sleeps through the night until 530 or 630, takes another bottle, then back to sleep until 730 or 800. Someone is looking out for me -- all these good late sleeping babies I have.

Well, off to spend time with the older two while Luca is sleeping.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Birthmother interview

Well, the birthmother interview is over and she confirmed her decision to give Jose Miguel up for adoption. How hard it had to be for her. The attorney commented on how handsome and healthy he is and how brave she is to continue with her decision. I wish there was something I could do for the BM.

Anyway, a sigh of relief and a flood of tears (good and bad- the bad for the awful process the BM was put through).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Upcoming trip

Well our trip is quickly approaching. I was contacted today by my agency about visiting PGN with her. She is going to be in Guatemala the same week as we are and has asked if I want to go with her to see if we can find out any information. I am so excited to be asked to go there.

I am glad to have Brian and Nico with me as they can stay at the hotel with the baby while we go. I was also told that I can ask the Foster Mother to come back one day and 'babysit' the baby while I take the other two out site seeing. Phew--- I was worried about not seeing anything while we were there. The FM can definitely be trusted and worth every penny to pay her for her time. She has definitely taken wonderful care of him so far.

So today is a better day for me, although I am still very worried about what is going on over there and the wait we have ahead of us; I thought he would be home by now. I am thankful we are with a country we can at least visit our baby and spend time with him during the process.

Nico is counting down (okay, so am I)---only 5 more days until we leave.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My heart is breaking!

We need many prayers for the children in Guatemala.

The PGN has decided they are going to reinterview all the birthmothers. All cases are on hold until the interview the BM and the attorneys. The word is they are taking the BM's behind closed doors and interviewing them or 'coercing' them to change their minds. It is awful for these BM's to go through this. The BM can change her mind throughout the whole process and still has to sign off at the end of PGN anyway....but they are putting these women through another interview that is illegal in the grandfathered cases.

I am anxious to see my little one in 10 days, but so worried about what is happening. It will be horrible for the boys and me to meet him, spend time with him, celebrate, and then have him taken from us if his BM is talked into changing her mind. While I don't want any baby taken from his/her BM, if the BM knows the child will have a better life, she needs that option and not made to feel guilty for that decision.

As you all know, these children are so special, smart, and loving. They all need supportive families and the chance to grow into healthy adults with a lot to offer society no matter where they are. Pray that these poor mothers don't have to go through too much turmoil and these children get home to their forever families soon.

I can't stop the tears. I want my little man home with us!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

He's Crawling!

I received video today that was taken when the last set of pictures was taken (in his blue turtle/soccer outfit). He was 10 months old in the video and is CRAWLING! He was sitting himself up and also getting into the crawling position and motoring along. It was so great to see since at 8 months he was sitting up, but only when I sat him there. I am so glad his foster family is working with him and encouraging him to move.

17 more days and we are there to kiss those cheeks.