Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Photos

I have the photos from my SIL of the baptism. Luca was so precious. (and is so precious). His new thing is trying to walk up the stairs like a real big boy - taking steps instead of crawling. I can't believe he has grown 2 inches since August 08 (his homecoming). He now says 'ow' when he bumps into something or falls and says 'up'. He loves all his new toys from Christmas; they all have buttons on them!
We have enjoyed our two week break from lessons and will be starting back up this Tuesday. We have a lot to do in 5 months! (We tend to work through the summer, but not every day of the week). Brian just informed me he may need another day or two off to go to Ohio to pick up a truck for him. Apparently his dad has decided to buy him a truck to drive. I am not ready for him to drive on his own yet. Driving will be limited at my house still. He is going to apply for a job next week. Hopefully he gets one quickly. (I was just informed they didn't win the truck from Ebay, so he is home on Tuesday...good, I miss him. He has been at his dad's for a week while we were on school break).

Nico has been having fun helping daddy on his hangar. He has earned extra money to do some after Christmas shopping. He is growing up so fast. Conversations with him are so adult like. I wonder where my baby is? He is getting ready to lose his third tooth. His smile is so funny. The tooth is hanging crooked and there is a big gap where his jaw has spread for the new adult tooth. I hope I have a picture of his new smile to post. I am also posting pictures of Nico's art work from his last semester art class. It was so awesome I framed them and hung them on the wall. One was our nativity scene, as Luca kept taking all the statues from under the tree. It will be framed and stored with the Christmas items and hung up each year now.

Mom and her prince - he wouldn't leave the hat on, but Heather snapped a quick photo.

How precious. We had lots of 'oohs' and 'aaahs' as we walked into church.
Three little monkeys. Just look at Luca looking at Connor - learning the ropes!
This picture I just love. Who is that little boy in the background drinking out of the baptismal font? Yes, that is my Nico. But he wasn't actually drinking out of it, just seeing if he could get his hair wet!
Christmas morning! My two Guatemalan Princes. I haven't had Brian on Christmas morning since I was divorced when he was 2 years old. His dad always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve with his extended family and we did Xmas Day. So, it was conveinent and made us all happy to keep the same thing and Brian could spend the holiday with both families. I miss having those first morning pictures of him. Luckily I have been blessed with two more!
There's his new falling out tooth smile. I love his smile! He always has one on his face. Never mind where the bows are located. He is so silly!
A favorite gift from Grandpa Jim and Grandma Darla. The eyeclops was a hit with the older guys looking at their gray hairs and whiskers. Nico was looking in the carpet for bugs. Thank goodness he didn't find any.Nico loves his webkinz. He recieved 4 new ones Christmas morning. Here are Spots and Spartacus. (Yes, we have been studying Roman gladiators - thus the name).
Luca and his SmartEBear. He was leaning in to give him a kiss.
I love you SmartEBear!
My mom and dad with all their grandkids. Seven of them are not biological (2 step grandchildren and 5 adopted). But, mom and dad love them all the same! It was so great to actually have everyone at home this Christmas. We were only missing Mike's daughter who lives in California. Unfortunately we don't get to see her very often.
Grandpa sneaking in some icing and cake to Luca. Luca walked up to him and put his little arms up and said, 'up'. Of course, Grandpa swooped him right up. I love this photo!
Who is that guy at our window? We'll welcome you in! It is just my brother though. For some reason he went outside and peeked in the window. It would have been great if he put on a Santa suit while doing it. I'll have to remember that for next year.

Yep, Brian got his computer...eventually.... I made him wait until late in the afternoon to get it. Now he will be off of mine. I made him sign a contract and laid out the rules prior to opening the gift. All parental control is still maintained even though it is a gift.

The kids ready for Nerf Dart Tag. This is Connor and Nico. They are two years apart in age (Nico being older) they are great buddies. I am so thrilled Vernon met Heather and she had a young one so Nico could have a cousin close to his age to grow up with. I loved having my cousins to play with.

My nephew: BIG BAD BRAD. He just turned 19 this week. Goes to show you, you're never to old to play!

Our Nativity Scene. It couldn't get more beautiful for me than this. I found this to be more precious than the statues beneath the tree. Nico did a great job on it. It is hanging on the wall by the tree.

Three of his pieces I framed. The others I still need to get frames for. I could not buy pictures that complete my wall any better than these. Nico has such talent. I can't even draw a stick person right. We have decided to decorate most of our home with vacation photos and art work from the kids. I have a 13x19 inch printer that printed some awesome photos from Oregon and California. We have them framed. We just have to hang them up.


Joshua said...

He is precious!! A little prince!! So cute!!!!!

extremesoccermom said...

Great pictures! Thank you for sharing. I love the ones Nico did.

The Borsa's said...

Nico's picture's are fantastic! Glad you all had a great Christmas. Could Luca get any cuter? I am lovin' the hair!