Sunday, April 11, 2010

Talking Machine!

Oh my gosh! Luca has taken off talking and is not stopping. He was doing great before, but over the last two weeks he is really going to town.

The new cute word he says is HOME. I love to hear him say this for more than its cuteness, but because it is home to him and he feels right at home. He says this when we are driving or out, "Mama, where go? Home?"

He loves the sun. We had several weeks a few months back where we didn't see the sun for several days at a time. Everytime the sun was out I would say, "Yay, SUN!" He now says this in the morning as I open his bedroom curtain. He says, "Yay, sun" while clapping his little hands together and the biggest grin on his face.

He cannot say helicopter, but instead makes the sound of a helicopter. Nico was trying to get Luca to say, "Daddy flies a helicopter." Luca would repeat, "Daddy fly bbmmmm." We cracked up!

He verbalizes well what he wants. If we don't understand him he grabs our hands and leads us to what he is talking about. He tends to drop the ending sounds off many words such as up, cup, net, etc...but will put the ending on words such as home, dime, down, etc. We just keep reiterating the ending sounds on words to him. I know he will get it. Nico did the same thing when he was that age.

His new favorite TV show is "Diego." We were in blockbuster and he saw a video and quickly grabbed it saying, "wayweo" his version of Diego. He watches that DVD over and over. The Easter Bunny brought him his own Rescue Pack and he carries it around quite a lot.

He loves to sing. We will be driving and a song will come on, suddenly this cute little voice from the back seat is singing the words right along with the radio. His favorite songs are by the Black Eyed Peas, but he sings several. I need to start him on the preschool nursery rhyme songs rather than my 107.7 music.

He loves the new baby chickens and is not afraid to let them eat out of his hands. He giggles when they peck the food out of them.

We started potty training Dec. 23...that was the last day of diapers. He is doing great with the peeing in the potty, but we were having a hard time with the pooping. I refused to put him back in diapers!! He would run and hide then come out (with his pants full) and tell us, "doo-doo". Welllll, for the last week he has told me each time he has had to go poopy. He calls it 'nana butt'. It got this name because the one time earlier he went on the potty, he looked in and said, "nana!" (banana). I said yes, "nana butt"....ever since then it stuck...I figure, hey whatever works!

Luca just loves his brothers to death. He is also very much a daddy's boy. He is my boy too, but when Daddy comes in, forget about mom.

There are lots and lots of other adorable things about him and his development, but those are some of the high spots on my mind at 5am in the morning after a long night of work. I will post pictures later this week.