Thursday, September 11, 2008

He took a REAL NAP!

I can't believe Luca took a 2.5 hour nap in his crib!!!! I think he is settling in. It probably also helps that we were actually home long enough for him to take a nap in his crib. He usually sleeps on our hour drive into St. Louis and then an hour back. But this was a first...usually it is a half hour on the dot and he is up. I had to sneak in after I woke from my 1/2 hour nap to check on him.

I think it also helps in that I broke down and bought a pacifier. I found one he likes. He always fell asleep with the bottle in his mouth. I was leaving a bottle in his bed with water, so he could suck on the nipple. He was gagging on the orthodontic pacifiers. I finally found one that is straight like a bottle. It works like a charm for night time too. We get cuddle time without it, a story and a bottle. Then off to bed and out like a light for 11-12 hours. I am only using the pacifier for bed time use. There will be no carrying it around the house or in the car.

I also found him tonight with his arm around his stuffed Eeyore (okay I am not sure how to spell that). I have been waiting for him to find a 'lovey' to have and this may be it. Nico had his taggy blanket which went everywhere and got lost twice (had to buy a new one and he still loved rubbing the same tag).

I am posting some pictures of my handsome young men. We went to a wedding reception and Nico was adamant about wearing a suit. He looks so awesome and he danced his heart out that night.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

One Month Home!

OMG, I cannot believe it has been a month already since Luca and I walked off the airplane in St. Louis. The wait was so long and this month flew by! I want time to be as slow as it seemed before.

Everyone is doing fantastic. Nico has started his new homeschool year, 2nd grade! He is working hard everyday and it is working pretty well with Luca toddling around. We are mostly able to keep Luca entertained with other toys while I work with Nico. Nico also took a trial class for HipHop and LOVED it! He has loved to dance since he was 2 years old. He was the hit of a wedding reception last weekend out there break dancing. He makes me so proud. He is also continuing with his tumbling, gymnastics, and soccer.

Brian is doing good at school. He is happy to be with his friends again. I have not seen him much since he is attending school by his dad and stays with him throughout the weeks. I will see him this weekend. I miss seeing him and seeing what he is up to. The insurance has said "YES" on covering the surgery he is going to get to fix his jaw. He is excited yet nervous. I am too, to think of what he has already been through in his 16 years and now more! But, he will be able to actually bite into a cheeseburger with his front teeth once it is all done and close his mouth properly.

Luca is on the go!!! He is NON STOP until he falls asleep at 8pm and then he is out a full 12 hours or more. Naps are still a struggle, but he has taken up to a 40 minute nap. It is hard to force on him when he is so happy and good during the day. But, that nap is necessary or he crashes too early in the evening. He imitates and plays well. He is stacking items two high, feeding himself with a fork (ate a whole french toast with his fork by himself today)...showing signs of being a lefty -yeah - just like mom! He is doing so much better since he started the antibiotic for his two ear infections he came home with. He is babbling ALOT, and says mama, dada, dohh (for uh-oh) and puts his hands up to his head. He also loves playing peek-a-boo.

I took Luca and Nico to Cuivre River State Park last weekend. We wanted to introduce Luca to sand! He loved it! He only tried to eat it a couple times. At first he just stood in it, not sure what to do. Then we showed him how to let it run through your fingers. We slowly made our way down to the water and he enjoyed splashing and kicking in the water. I get to rediscovery all the joys of life with these beautiful boys.

Mike is back to work after hurting his back. And I am enjoying every minute away from work, even though I miss my friends there (and a paycheck). We have been meeting every other week or so. I'll be back there before I know it. But, I can't complain, it is only 3 nights a week.

I left Luca and Nico at my sister's for a few hours yesterday. She will be babysitting again. Luca did fine. He even took a nap there. But was EXCITED to see me walk through the door. I love that!

Well, off to see what he is getting into and see if Nico has soccer today. I am truely blessed with these fine young men in my life!