Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Fun Filled Day?!

Today started out with another trip to the pediatrician. Unfortunately, I have not found a new one close to our new home. So, I drive an hour to see the dr. we have been seeing for 16 years. (It is time though to find one closer to home!). Anyway, this time I had to bring Luca. I believe he has a urinary tract infection. They started him on antibiotics once we got the urine sample. We'll know for sure next week when the lab results are in, but I am pretty sure that is it.

The next part of our day, we were driving home on hwy 70 when I got a flat tire. I am thankful it wasn't a huge blowout and I was able to keep control of the car. The funny thing is, I think I hexed myself. Last week I was driving to work thinking how much driving I do and thinking I haven't had a flat tire in over 20 years....ha, not anymore! AAA and MODOT saved the day. They had my donut on the van and I was rolling 15 minutes after he got there. Then I stopped in Troy and got 2 new tires put on. They were done if 15 minutes too. (I love my small town). I am also glad it didn't happen Thursday or Friday when it was 0 degrees and less with wind chill. Today it was abaout 25 and it felt good.

Other than that all is well. I will be happy if our weather stays on the warmer side. Although we really want a good snow for some sledding. Nico attempted to go out on the pond today to check the ice. He made it across. Don't worry there is not a whole lot of water in it...maybe up to his knees if he fell through and Daddy was hanging with him.

I stuck to my cooking resolution this week and had 4 great meals cooked on my days off. Is it good or bad if your son tells you "the Chili is good, but next time you should make it from scratch."? I was shocked, what did he think I was doing in the kitchen over the stove for a couple of hours! I sure thought my Chili from Scratch was waaaaayyy better than any canned chili. He laughed and said, 'really?', 'high five mom, you did good'.....silly boy...yes, this is my 16 yo talking. Usually I have home grown stewed tomatoes to use, but not a good crop of tomatoes this summer, so used can, but the chili was great. It went especially well with the cold temperatures we had.

Speaking of chili, off to my dinner here at work, of CHILI!

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Andrea "The H family" said...

hugs! So glad to have found you!
Andrea (mom to Luke..CMS)