Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Pictures and Update

I took Nico to the doctor on Monday, lo and behold, he had strep throat, not an ear infection! We had to miss our North County Homeschool Coop. He was so dissappointed. He just loves playing his with friends. It was also hard because he was actually starting to feel better. He hates the strep test though. He gags so bad when they do it I thought he was going to throw up all over me. Brian never had a gag reflex, so when he was swabbed it was not big deal. Nico is on his antibiotics and soooo good at remembering he needs to take it.

Brian is doing well. He says he hates it here though because we have the satellite internet and he can't play his computer games on it. I was told I was 'cheap' today because I wouldn't upgrade the system. It is expensive enough already!!!! It is enough for what I need to do right now. I also need to save for our Disney trip.

Luca is our newest comedian and actor. I swear for a 19 month old he is GOOOOOD! He really hams it up. He is learning baby sign language really fast! He can now sign 'more', 'please', and 'thank you'. I am going to start working on a few more. I think I am going to make sign language our 'second language' for homeschooling. It was so cute tonight. Luca was standing at the table and Mike was feeding him some chili. Luca kept standing and starring when he was done eating with his sippy cup in his hands. Mike would ask him, "What do you want?" Luca would set his cup on the floor and then do the signing for 'more', with a big grin on his face! I have to get his signing on video, he is the first I have used it with. He is talking too. He now says 'up', 'nana' (for banana), and this morning he repeated, 'get up' when I told Brian and Nico to get up out of bed.

New Year's Eve, Luca had the best spot in the house.....his favorite place, right next to the food! He has grown 2.5 inches in 5 months and still weighs 28 pounds. How does he do it???? Oh, yeah, he neverrrrrrr stops! But when he does he is out like a light!

Daddy and his boys! I was wondering why it was so quiet in the living room. With three boys there is always noise. I walked in and here they were, all watching some 'manly' tv show (some car redesigning show). It was so cute, them all snuggled up together. He is such a great daddy to these boys.

Luca doing his 'lessons'. Luca is getting into the stacking of the cups. These are kept in our school room, that's why I say 'lessons' and Nico thinks he doesn't do anything! He sat for at least 10 minutes the other day stacking, knocking down, and restacking these cups. I was so excited to see him doing them on his own.

Hey, who turned the lights off???? Luca wearing his biggest brother's hat. He was walking around laughing.

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Melissa said...

Aww I love the picture of Mike and the boys :-) So adorable!!!