Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Travel plans made

The plans are made and I leave Sunday, August 3 to reunite with my angel and to return with him on Thursday, August 7. I will be so elated to get home. But, first things first, I need to recheck the luggage and be sure I have everything I need and review what paperwork I need to bring with me.

I was surprised at airfare, but at this point, it doesn't matter, just get me there and home again. Since when do you have to pay for a lap child??? Again, I don't care, just get me there and home again with him in my arms. I was informed they did away with adoption rates last year... Duh! OF course!

Anyway, have I said, it doesn't matter, just get us both home safely!

I can't wait to introduce him to all his new friends who have waiting with me.


Juliette said...


I just can't wait. I'm sorry that travel was more than expected (Yeah, who did ever hear of paying for lap child? That's why they are a lap child--because you don't pay for them!)But WHATEVER GETS HIM HOME!!!

I'm saving up my baby kisses!


Becky said...

Have a safe trip Debbie!!

Danny and Brittney said...

COngrats on bringing your son home soon. He is an absolute doll. your house is going to be so busy with all those boys running around. Safe travels.

Kelli said...

Get ready for that testosterone to take over! I can hardly wait to meet him and can't wait to see ALL OF YOU TOGETHER and take zillions of pictures!!!

Love you guys!