Sunday, July 20, 2008

Embassy Outfit Selected

I have finally found an outfit for Luca to wear to the Embassy. Children's Place was having a great sale and I bought the whole outfit for $6.00! It is nothing to fancy, but it will look cute on him I'm sure. I didn't buy any shoes, so I am hoping the FM gives him to me with his walkers I left him with last time. His feet are so fat and big I am afraid to buy shoes until I have him with me.

Of course, his closet is also full of wonderfully cute outfits. I can't wait to get him in them.

I have also made the decision to use cloth diapers. I have some of the cutest prints, too cute to even cover with clothes. Michael is a bit skeptical about this, but the money I will save in the long run with benefit us and not to mention the savings on our environment.

I am so excited I can hardly stand it. The last few weeks of anticipation on a pick up date are killing me. I am trying to get things organized at work for family leave, preparing the room, organizing the toys (Phew! this child needs no new toys....between everything Nico and Brian had - yes, I saved it for 16 years, Luca is set on toys).

I hope to have exciting news later this week as I'll be calling the DNA lab to check the status of the testing.


Auntie G said...

The outfit is adorable!!! Luca is going to be the best-looking lad at the embassy.

Courtney said...

Love the cute. Good for you on the cloth diapers. That is great. Courtney

PAP2Joshua said...

Love the outfit! It's too cute!! What a grat deal, makes me want to go and get some good deals for Joshua:) I bought a few cloth diapers, they are great! I use the disposables when we are going out. They do save money in the long run. Hope you get PINK soon!!