Friday, July 25, 2008

DNA on its way

The internet is a wonderful thing! I am following the DNA results down to Guatemala. They left the lab in MO last night at 6pm and this morning left Florida at 8am. My baby boy is getting closer to me every minute.

I only have two nights of work left. I am happy, yet a little bit sad. Happy to not have to work every weekend, but sad to miss my friends at work. However, we see each other out of work as well, so I'll see my good friends. I also enjoy my work schedule, only working three nights a week over the weekend. It gives me so much more time to have with my boys. Especially with homeschooling we get so much together time and I am able to get them to activities. Thank goodness for my dear sister who is the babysitter when I work. What better place to leave my children then with someone who runs her household like me (only she is a much better cook)!!! That is another thing I am looking forward to, having time and energy to cook more. Also getting moved and settled in our new home will be great. I won't be running back and forth to two houses trying to keep them both going.

More information later today as the dna treks its way across the continents.


PAP2Joshua said...

Hey, hey, hey, the DNA is on it's way!!! LOL
If you call the embassy next week your apt will be the first week of Aug!!!! I keep saying the 1st week of Aug. I hope that I am right!!!!

Auntie G said...

I am washing all my PINK this weekend to wear next week.
Johanna is going to wear PINK too.

Cheri (prounounced like the tree, like the fruit, as in Cherry Pie) said...

Things will move quickly once the DNA arrives! Mine arrived on a Monday and I received PINK of Tuesday. My embassy appt. was the following Wednesday. Get your packing done! God Bless, Cheri