Sunday, July 27, 2008

Diaper Fun

We are all getting into the excitement of a new baby. I have been having fun buying cloth diapers. The prints are so adorable and I can't believe how soft they are. Michael says, "Yeah, and he is just going to poop in them!" The one pair of cheetah prints I just loved. I brought them down to show Michael and he agreed they were cute and then proceeded to put them on his head. (Maybe he shouldn't be allowed to change Luca's diaper :-). Michael's comment, "Wow, these are warm, his butt will be warm in the winter."

Then Nico got into the fun and tried them on himself. At least he got the diaper on the right body part. Nico is a little guy for six years old, weighing only 44 pounds so I wasn't too worried about him stretching the diaper out too much (Luca weighed 23 when we were there in May). He had fun modeling from all views.

Brian wasn't with us this day or I am sure he would have had a creative way to wear the diaper too. (One day I might find one on the cat!)

I love the smile on Nico's face. He is usually all smiles anyway. His smile always brightens my day!

I love my house of boys!


Pam L said...

Wow, I didn't realize there were such cute cloth diapers! My last use of cloth diapers was when they were large white pieces of cloth that had to folded one way for boys and another for girls. I'm afraid I may be dating myself. I just know I didn't like them then! Hope you get pink this week!

Sherry Bahr said...

Nico modeling the diaper is hilarious -- we think he should wear it for Halloween and be George of the Jungle! We are so excited for you guys and cannot wait to meet our new little cousin.

Sherry, Steve, Hannah and Greg