Saturday, July 5, 2008

Anxiously waiting!

July 8th is almost here. I can't wait to open the email that says my little guy now has my last name. Luca has several new outfits now hanging in the closet. I can't wait to see him wearing them.

Nico andLuca have matching 'Future Copter Doctor' tshirts with a big helicopter and some wrenches on it. Nico was outside helping Michael today working on the helicopter. I was watching from the window upstairs and listening to them work together,,,,it was priceless as I listened to Michael instructing Nico what to do to help him out.

Nico has been collecting frogs all week. The Lincoln County Fair is having a frog and turtle contest. Today we found a big toad. He is not afraid to grab these things and then grab some grasshoppers to feed them. My brother, Vince, found a turtle hurrying across the road the other day and grabbed him for Nico to use in the race...then he will be released.

Brian is on vacation from school work and hanging out with his dad for a week and a half. It is a nice break for him. He is growing and changing every day. He has his new driver's permit and working towards his 60 hours behind the wheel. He drives mostly with his dad because I won't let him drive with Nico in the car ---- and honestly I am SCARED to let him drive. I have no brake on my side of the car. I think I'll let Michael do the drivers ed with Nico and Luca.

Well, hopefully on Tuesday I will have good news. I am picking up the baby bed Wednesday and then getting things together for Luca's arrival.

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