Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big News and Soccer

UPDATE: Mike popped the question today. I picked up the ring from the jewelers (it was resized). I took it off of my finger so he could look at it under the microscope and when he put it back on he got on one knee and asked, "Will you marry me?" My response, "Yes" (one day)....heeheee. I love this man!

Wow, what an exciting week we have had.

First I would like to post the sad news of the people who have been laid off from Covidien. I feel so bad for these people and know that I was probably close to the lay off as I have 18 years in the company. Many people that were cut had been there longer and close to that time. I feel blessed to have not been one to be cut. I swear I will not complain about it again. It is all beyond my control and I am thankful to have a good job with good benefits. I just hope I can stay on a night shift schedule so I can have the time to homeschool my boys the way I want to do it. Whatever happens we will work through it. My cousin was one who was laid off. My heart goes out to all laid off that they can quickly find new, good, if not better, jobs.

Okay, now the good news. Mike and I are now engaged. Well, I say engaged because he gave me the big diamond ring, however, he never really asked the question, "Will you marry me?" The joke is I just got the big ring and am going to call him fiance because it sounds better than boyfriend. He gave me the ring before we went to dinner with his coworker Bill and his wife Ellen. We went to a fabulous Japanese Hibachi Restaruant. It was great! The ring is now at the jewelers getting resized. I can't wait to wear it on the correct finger. Over the weekend I had to wear it on my index finger.

The fine dining establishment we went to. They have a great lunch buffet....but dinner was fantastic.

Here we are, the happy couple. This is truly the love of mylife. He supports me in everything I do and is not afraid to tell me it is a bad idea. He keeps me strong when things are looking grim. Even if we never got engaged or never actually get married, he is the one I want to be with until the day I die.

Our chef. I was not overly impressed with his fanciness as he didn't do all the food flipping and creativity stuff the others were doing. However, the food was cooked to perfection.
Mike picked out a beautiful ring. I always said I don't want to pick out my own engagement ring. It should be a surprise....and a surprise it was.

Last weekend was also Nico's first soccer game of the season. He and his team played so well for being together for the first time. They were passing the ball and not always playing mob ball. Nico scored two goals and ran his little tush off.

Nico always has a smile on his face. Even on some of the pictures where he is down on the ground, he is smiling. If I had a dollar for everytime someone told me how he smiles all the time, I would be rich.Nico has his game face on. No, not a smile yet, it is the look of "I'm ready, bring it on!"

Nico is one of the smallest on the team, but always seems to keep up running with the big guys. Now I know why....look at that stride.
Here he is making one of his goals. This is the first time I ever captured a picture of him scoring. However, this time I took about 70 pictures. I was snapping the whole game.

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vaneblu said...

CONGRATS :) you are a really cute couple too ;)
I used to play soccer in college and really miss it now :/ he looks nice in his uniform :)