Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The children! Aren't they all adorable!

Two brothers; best buddies. My boys Nico and Luca
Luca loves the water.
Nico and Luca hanging with some new friends: Ethan, Jacob, and Tanner
Cheesy smile!
Two spoiled Guat babies.
We were so excited to get eggs on the first day.
The chicken coop. We are going to extend the roaming area for them once we get the fencing from our other house. This was going to be our school house....but the chickens sure seem to like it.
Our newest additions. The two roosters are the all white silky and the large black and white one on the right. (Devastator and Black Out)
Here's Nico...happy with his new pets. Yep, they are pets and will not be eaten for dinner. We will be eating the eggs though. Thanks girls!
From California surfer boy to Troy, MO country boy. You should see him driving my tractor!


vaneblu said...

Oh Lucas is the cutest thing ever, I love the pics :)


What was going on with the group pic of all the kids? I enjoyed having chickens, but raccoons emptied out our coop. What great pics, Thanks for sharing. Hope you get all the awards on my blog. Blessings,

pam said...

Very nice photos of some happy boys! Hey, thanks for checking out my page on things you'd like to do involving nature. I hope all your wishes come true!