Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friend Award

Sorry Audrey,, for not getting on this sooner. Audrey, a new blog follower, has given me "The Loyal Friend Award". I need to pass on this award. I don't have many followers, but the ones I have I am thankful for. I think I have a lot more people reading my blog, they just don't post messages. I wish they did. I love reading and following everyone's blog.

My friend awards go to:

Melissa - my good friend at work and out of work. We have a great time together. She makes my work nights bearable and our days off together fun (on those occasions we get to hang out together).

Vanessa- - this is a wonderful couple who are doctors in the Dominican Republic. I love following the wonderful things they are doing and the dedication they have.

Leslie - - she is a very funny mom with a beautiful daughter from Guatemala who I recently met through FB.

Thank you to my new and old friends.


vaneblu said...

Ohh WOW, thanks a lot!!!
I am glad you like to follow our jorney :)
You were asking me about the donations to the comunity were we work, I would really love to accept some, because there is a lot of need there, but I dont know a proper way to do it, it should be through an organization or something like that :/ I will ask around if there is one :)
I feel the same way you do when I look to how much we have and other people dont, it makes you think, that is way we want to help even if it is not enough for them it is, they are so happy to finally have doctors and medicines :)

Leslie said...

Gracias sweet friends and hugs!


Debbie, Just wanted to say Hi. I have more awards on my blog for you. I hope you will pick them up when you can. Hope you are having a great weekend. Blessings,