Sunday, September 6, 2009

School is in Session!

Flowers in our back field. We were learning about flowers this week and I couldn't wait to get out and take some photos of these. I love this one and plan to enlarge it, frame it, and hang it on the wall.

We officially started our first day of school on August 31. We continue to do lessons through the summer, but focus on them for 3 days out of the week, we are now back to 5 days a week. We also added in the extra subjects such as Health, Writing, US History, and Spelling. Nico is enjoying everything so far and doing well. We are finished with lessons in about 4 hours. I have been making us get up by 8am and started by 8:30am or 9 am at the latest.
My handsome prince!

This week we add to our schedule art classes, hip-hop, and tumbling.

Luca is learning so much! He has been telling us when he poops ( "doo-doo" in Luca language) and last week actually went on the toilet---yipee! At only 27 months I am excited. Nico was potty trained by 32 months, so we are shooting for 3o months for Luca.

Luca is counting, "one, three, one, two, one, one..." it is so cute! He points to things or moves them as he counts so he is making the association of a number to an object. He loves doing puzzles and always asks to draw when Nico is doing his lessons. He is so proud of his work.

His vocabulary is expanding and changing. He was saying 'dye' for bye, and just today said, 'bye-bye' with a 'b'....I liked the incorrect pronuciation it kept him little. He also says, "I want...", and will say, "mommy, I want...) and either point or say what he wants. My favorite is hearing him say MAMA! He is really quite a clown and loves his big brother. He did say Brian last week when we had Brian with us for an afternoon. Of course, Brian was excited since he doesn't see him much.
These boys just make my day everyday. They have so much fun together. Nico takes Luca down to the pond and is teaching him how to look for frogs. I love watching them walk down there with Luca keeping right up with Nico. They played outside for about an hour the other evening with Luca picking berries off the tree and Nico smashing them. Nico said they were playing Indians.

Luca is going to be one smart cookie just like his brothers. He absorbs EVERYTHING!

Luca using the magnifying glass to get a close up look at the flowers.


Leslie said...

ohhh ilove those pics!!

Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Everything sounds so exciting.

When you get the chance stop by my blog... I left you an award. I love reading your blog.

vaneblu said...

Luca is a cutie, dye instead of bye :p
Debbie I love the last pic, I always comment on your pictures because I really belive you take great ones and the effect in the last one is really nice too!