Sunday, December 27, 2009

Luca's Present to Me!

At 31 months, Luca gave me a wonderful Christmas present this year....he is potty trained (well, except for the poopy part). As of Christmas Day he was wearing big boys for the third day and dry all three days. I was a little worried about Christmas Day with all the excitement, but he did great! He now tells us when he has to go 'do-do'. His reward is a dum-dum sucker. It is so cute when he says "dum-dum" when he is finished. That reward will be tapering off and only given when a poopy is given in the toilet.

My goal was to have this accomplished by Christmas. I use cloth diapers and many of the cloth diapers are wearing thin. I did not want to have to buy new ones.

He is still in a diaper for bed time, but wakes up every morning dry. This week I'll be trying the big boy's I bought that we can put inserts in for sleeping - just in case.

Hopefully pictures to come this week (we are waiting for a working modem to arrive at home).

I want to wish everyone a blessed and safe New Year!


The Kings said...

Way to go Luca!!!
No more diapers is a pretty great present!!
BTW - I got the playhouse at Menards. I thought that the brand was Imagination Station but when I did an internet search I didn't find them, so now I am not sure and I have thrown the packaging away.
Have a blessed New Year!!!

vaneblu said...

YAY for Lucas :) and for one happy proud Mommy :)
Happy new Year!