Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I want to wish all my blog followers (and lurkers) a very Merry Christmas!!!

My modem is down at home and I am internetless there. I was going through withdrawal until I arrived at work on Friday. I have some really cute pictures of the boys to post with Santa and our tree, but I can't load the photos at work.

The boys are all ready for Santa's big night, however, mom is not quite. I still have a few last gifts and all the food to purchase. I am so grateful I am off the 3 days before Christmas and Mike is off to. (that means he can help - but not eat all the cookies - he has eaten almost all of the two batches I already made). I still have to wrap all the presents, but this will be fun. I am planning on locking Mike and myself in the bedroom after the kiddos are in bed, watching Weeds, Season 4, sipping wine, and wrapping away!

Luca is growing so fast. My baby boy is turning into a little boy. He is a talking machine. He now says, "I want one", soft (while rubbing his jammies), outside, boots, coat, socks, "I love you", "Petey, no" (that's the dog), and many other phrases. He is such a character. He is also into EVERYTHING. Neither one of the other two boys were chair movers or climbers....Luca keeps me busy. He rearranges the kitchen chairs to get to the cabinets where he knows there is candy or gum. We know when it is too quiet in the house he is up to something. I love his adventerous spirit. He is trying to count. We always count steps when we go up and down them. He has now started counting them on his own...but skips number 2. He loves to sing and sings the ABC's with his leap frog.

We are looking forward to a wonderful holiday. Mike is working day shift and will be gone from 5:30am-7pm...but the boys will open most of their gifts with me and we'll save several for when daddy gets home.

I can't wait for our fun filled day on Christmas when the whole family gets together. I love this time of year!

Happy Holidays to everyone. (Hopefully this week we'll have our new modem and back on line so I can post pictures. I am also missing my facebook!)

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