Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What I am Most Thankful For...My Family

My family means everything to me. My brothers, sister, and I have always been close. While it might not have appeared that way, we were. We always stuck up for each other and helped each other out (Well, except when Sandi had that nasty bug on her nose in Branson, no one helped her then..sorry). My family is always there when I call. My 3 beautiful sons make my world. The wonderful blessing of adoption is something else I am thankful for. Without it, I wouldn't be a MOMMY! I love you family! Thanks for always being there, even if you don't agree with what I say or do.
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vaneblu said...

Beautiful collage!!
Luca is making the cutest face in some of the pics :)

extremesoccermom said...

The collage is great! You even were able to get Brad I am impressed. Even though no one would help me with the bug I still love you all.