Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Love Being Fought Over

Even though I was dead tired today (after working all night), I totally enjoyed hearing my children fight over me. I was sleeping when little Luca wondered in the bedroom and climbed up in bed with me. He snuggled up to me and asked for "Ponge Ba" (Sponge Bob). I turned on the TV and dozed back off. Soon Nico came in and snuggled up next to me with a big hug. Next thing I know here is Luca again, hugging me and saying, "Mommy". Nico then says, "My Mommy", Luca says "My Mommy" and tries to push Nico's arm off of me.
It made my day and made me get up and give them both huge hugs and kisses.


Leslie said...

toooo cute

vaneblu said...

Thanks for all your comments during this moment in our lifes, we are really grateful for people like you. You are truly blessed with those 3 boys, I bet they bring so much joy in your life :) I know I would love to be fought over too!