Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Preparations part 1

Nico finally got me to get the tree out of the closet. We set it up and finally got it all decorated. I realized once we were finished that everyone was home. I quickly rounded us all together (regardless of what we were wearing or how we looked - thank goodness we were all dressed:-) and started taking some pictures. We finally have a family photo to put in the Christmas cards.

Next week we'll start making cookies. We may visit Santa next week too. Nico hated Santa until he was 5 years old. Luca probably won't be so thrilled either. Brian, however, didn't have any fear of the man with the big, white beard. They are all so different.

Luca digging through the box of ornaments. He is interested in anything he can find.

The Happy Family. It's as good as it's going to get! I love my boys!


Candy said...

Hey Girly...You are beating me...we are not even going to get the tree out this year. I swear our too are Kin too....I love looking at Luca's pictures to see how much he looks like Jagger and vise Versa...Hope you all have a great Christmas and I can't wait till MO GUATE to see the boys together again

Joshua said...

Love the pics!!What great pics of your family! The top pic of your som with the lights is so cute:)

The Borsa's said...

Great Pics, you have a beautiful family!

Ferrick said...

Debbie, Your feeding tube story is the BEST!!!! Thank you for making me laugh. Your Christmas Tree pics are wonderful. Blessings, Susie