Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Sweet Angel(s)

Luca was baptized last weekend. He looked so angelic in his beautiful, white outfit. Here are just a few pictures from the event. My sister-in-law has more pictures which I hope to get from her soon. My sister-in-law, Heather, is the Godmother and my brother, Vince, is the Godfather. Father Tom is always a joy to listen to in church and was even kidding at the ceremony. Luca even remembers Father Tom dipping his finger in the oil and rubbing it on his head, as the other day while we were wrapping presents, Luca stuck his finger in a roll of ribbon, tilted it over, and rubbed his hand on my forehead. He then walked over to Mike and did the same thing. Then he did it to himself. It was a week later....I was amazed! He is one smart cookie and doesn't miss a thing.

The boys are still getting along fantastically. Nico now gives Luca kisses goodnight and lets Luca kiss him. Before it was, "yuck, baby germs!" Nico was in a performance last weekend and Luca spotted him from the back of the auditorium and was shouting out and laughing. (It I can figure out how to get the video from the dvd to the computer, I will post the video.--any advise?). He immediately recognizes them. I also know he can see from far away now.

My angel standing at the baptismal font....."Hey Mom, there is a big bathtub here!"

The Godparents, Heather and Vince

Mom, Godparents, and the sweet, sweet angel.

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