Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ice, Ice Baby!

Brrr! It is cold here at home! We are slipping and a sliding through lots of ice. We live in the country and our country road is all ice. We also have to go up and down 2 huge hills to get to our house. Lucky for me, I got home yesterday with all the Christmas dinner fixins before the freezing rain started. Mike wasn't so lucky. He had to park at the top of the hills and walk home in the freezing rain-not so fun. We are hoping the sunshine today will melt some of it and a little bit of traffic (we don't have much here) may break the ice up; however, it is getting down to 19F again tonight. I love the snow, but the ice can be left behind. My family is expected to come over tomorrow for Christmas dinner. If they can't make it to the house, it will be my first Christmas ever without my whole family (on Christmas Day).
We make the best of it though and have been making cookies and wrapping presents. Nico and Luca had fun with both of these activites.

Nico wrapping a present. He loves to wrap them all by himself.

Luca likes to play in the ribbon.

"How does that crazy thing work?" (investigative, just like his big brother)
"Yes, it's hot, but there are some yummy cookies in there. I am just admiring them." I loved capturing this photo. It brought back great memories of my sister, brothers and myself sitting in front of the oven watching while the snickerdoodles went from balls to flat cookies - amazing!

Nico also had his taste and feel of his first snow, or rather, ice and snow. He didn't get to really play in it because it was so bitterly cold and slippery! We had a layer of ice, then a small layer of snow. But, we took a few pictures anyway and he was laughing while holding the cold icey snow.

"What is this stuff?"

"That's some cold stuff. Where is the warm Guatemalan weather?"
"It's okay, I don't need the warm weather, this stuff is FUNNY!"

"No throwing ice chunks at each other, and especially not over the baby's head!" BOYS!

Nico, clearing the snow off the ice so he could ice skate.

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