Friday, December 12, 2008

First Flight

Luca gets his first helicopter flight!

On my second date with Mike, he took me on a helicopter ride. I was so scared, but I was not about to tell him that!!!!! I didn't want him to not date me.....I even started to get queasy, but again, played it off - phew! I now enjoy going with him when I get a chance. It is so beautiful to see things from above and not so far up as in an airplane.

When I brought Nico home, March 15, 2003, Mike arrived home at the same time with his 'new baby'. He purchaced a helicopter from Oregon and flew it to Missouri. He was flying it back the same week I was in Guatemala. I was calling him everyday to check his progress. I was so worried about him flying it so far. Nico received his first flight the day after coming home. He has LOVED flying with Daddy ever since. (Once he turned 2 he kicked me out of my seat - as he couldn't sit on my lap anymore). He now flies with Daddy any chance he gets. Nico was not too happy when Daddy asked if Luca was ready for a helicopter ride. (He hates the thought of someone taking his spot in the helicopter). I loaded Luca up and we went on his first ride. The pictures show him by himself, but he was sitting on my lap. He really seemed to enjoy it. He was looking down and pointing at things and then looking up at the blades spinning over his head.
Mike flies helicopters as his job. He is the pilot for the medivac helicopter in our town. I am so proud of him. He was laid off from American Airlines working as a mechanic and went to Alaska for 6 months to obtain his hours to fly for his new career. He already had his license to fly and had his own helicopter, but what a wonderful get a job doing something you love to do; plus serve the community and save so many lives.

Daddy and Luca, ready for take off - almost - we need Mom.

He is so tiny in there.

What are you doing to me?? What are these things on my head?? I love his chubby cheeks!


Joshua said...

ahhh God Bless you guys!! I love the cheeks with his helicopter gear on:) The pics are darling!!

The Borsa's said...

Check out those cheeks! He is adorable!