Saturday, October 4, 2008

A busy BOY~

Luca is a busy, busy boy! It is so fun to watch him on the go - constantly! We are both worn out by the end of the day. He turned 16 months old on Sept. 23. He is cutting three more teeth (2 molars). He eats anything put in front of him. He makes some funny faces on some things, but comes back for more. He loves his veggies and fruits! I have been lucky to have all my kids like fruits and vegetables. I think Brian could be a vegetarian.

Luca now says 'mama', 'dada', 'dat' (that), and 'dodo' (doggie). Not bad for being home just shy of two months. He plays peek-a-boo, makes gestures for 'uh-oh', 'all gone' and has started blowing kisses. He has given kisses since coming home, but just suddenly started blowing kisses when we tell people good-bye or good-night. He chased daddy around the house the other night blowing kisses to him before going to bed. It was wonderful to see! He received a new 'retro rider' from Great Uncle Gene, Great Aunt Connie, and cousin Dave. He loves riding it and hitting the buttons. He loves anything LOUD even himself. His hearing is fine, he just likes noisey things and if they have buttons the better.

I took him to get his first real haircut and he sat great in his stroller, eating on his lollipop. My hairdresser is so awesome. She trimmed him up without losing too many curls. I couldn't stand the hair in his eyes and the Bozo the Clown hairdo when I combed it.

Nico learned to ride his two wheeler bike without training wheels. The autumn weather has been so great we have been taking walks and Nico rides his bike.
We also went on our annual apple picking trip. We found a place close to Troy and picked so great apples. It was the first apple I let Luca eat and he loved it! He would bite the skin off and spit it out then eating the apple insides all the way through the core! We were trying to get Nico to bite into one with his lose tooth to get it to come out, but no luck yet.

Brian is doing great in school and we had him with us last weekend for Nico's 7th Bday party and the Fiesta we had for Luca's homecoming. It was great to all be together.

I'll update more later. Luca is desparetly trying to help me type and Nico is looking for me to come hang with him.


Joshua said...

What handsome boys you have!! The boys look like they are having a ball together. So glad to see everyone is adjusting well.

Ferrick said...

They sound like perfect little boys to me. Susie