Thursday, September 11, 2008

He took a REAL NAP!

I can't believe Luca took a 2.5 hour nap in his crib!!!! I think he is settling in. It probably also helps that we were actually home long enough for him to take a nap in his crib. He usually sleeps on our hour drive into St. Louis and then an hour back. But this was a first...usually it is a half hour on the dot and he is up. I had to sneak in after I woke from my 1/2 hour nap to check on him.

I think it also helps in that I broke down and bought a pacifier. I found one he likes. He always fell asleep with the bottle in his mouth. I was leaving a bottle in his bed with water, so he could suck on the nipple. He was gagging on the orthodontic pacifiers. I finally found one that is straight like a bottle. It works like a charm for night time too. We get cuddle time without it, a story and a bottle. Then off to bed and out like a light for 11-12 hours. I am only using the pacifier for bed time use. There will be no carrying it around the house or in the car.

I also found him tonight with his arm around his stuffed Eeyore (okay I am not sure how to spell that). I have been waiting for him to find a 'lovey' to have and this may be it. Nico had his taggy blanket which went everywhere and got lost twice (had to buy a new one and he still loved rubbing the same tag).

I am posting some pictures of my handsome young men. We went to a wedding reception and Nico was adamant about wearing a suit. He looks so awesome and he danced his heart out that night.

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Ferrick said...

It's time for an update. :) Anxious to hear how all is going. Susie