Friday, October 31, 2008

Survived my first weekend of work

Well we all survived my first weekend back to work. It broke my heart leaving Luca at my sister's. He screamed when I walked out, but I know within a few minutes he settled down. Nico was with him and that helped. Also, what better place to be than with their Aunt! Luca went to sleep great for her all three nights and was still sleeping when I got there in the morning at 6:30am. I was then able to lay down and take an hour nap myself before driving an hour back home. (yes, I live an hour and 5 minutes away from work now). I was able to sleep during the day while Luca napped for 3 hours each day. By Tuesday I was EXHAUSTED! I slept on the couch in the morning with the baby gates up while he played in the living room with me there. He was climbing on me, driving trucks over me, snuggling up with me and enjoying his free romping time. I was fading in and out through it all. Just as when Nico was little. I wouldn't give up this loss of sleep for the days that I get off to be with my kids and being able to spend their waking hours with them.

I also worked some overtime this week while Daddy stayed home with the boys. I put Luca to be and headed in. Nico loves having Daddy and me time to watch all the cool TV shows together. (And Daddy lets him stay up later than Mom does). I got home at 5am and slept for 4 hours. During that time Mike actually got Luca out of bed and he and Nico CHANGED LUCA'S DIAPER. I was so proud of them! (using cloth diapers makes it a little more challenging to figure out which ones I use when, but they did great). I love the guys/boys in my life. They also cleaned up the house with Nico organizing all the toys in the living room and unloading the dishwasher. (Girls here's your guy when you get older - we are doing our best to train him right ;-)

We are getting ready to start our transformations for Halloween. We are heading into St. Charles, MO for some early trick-or-treating at all the businesses along Main Street. We are meeting our homeschool friends and some friends from work. It is always so much fun. And today we have 70 degree weather!!!!! We'll actually be able to see all the costumes. This is the fun part about trick-or-treating during the daylight hours, is we can see what all the kids look like. Then we are heading to my brothers for more fun. It's not that we need the candy, I'll give Luca's away to coworkers (they'll eat anything), but it is the fun of the season for us.

I took Luca to the Halloween store yesterday and he was in awe at all the creepy things there. He didn't freak out, but I could feel him holding me tighter as some of the creatures moved. He then started growling back at them. He has this evil growl...thus the need to be a 'devil' for Halloween. I sewed his tail on his pants this morning and he has enough hair to hold the barrett horns in.

Pictures coming. We have a long day ahead of us.

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The Borsa's said...

Have a great Halloween! Waiting for pics..

Kelly & Nicco