Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Fun

Nico received some fun teeth in a party goody bag. Daddy had fun trying them out on Luca. Luca is such a ham he just went along with the fun. Enjoy the pictures! This explains why we are born with baby teeth and not our permant adult teeth.
I have had a hard time getting motivated for Halloween this year, but we do have costumes. I should be more excited since this is our first Halloween with Luca and I love Halloween. Luca is going to be a devil and Nico a dark clad creepy guy. I know, Luca is too cute to be a devil, but he has this great evil voice he makes that made me think of a devil for him. He will be the cutest darn devil.

Also the horrifying news of another blogger that I follow has put a damper on my Halloween spunk. Her daughter was diagnosed with ALL Lukemia. She has only been home from Guatemala for 5 months and just turned a year old. Thank God she is here in the US when she recieved this diagnosis. It breaks my heart; I can only imagine how her family is feeling. Luca got a nasty cold last week and I just worried about him all week long. I watched him sleep and listened to his breathing. Luckily he seems over the cold and is doing well. I pray for adorable little Bella to recover from her diagnosis as well. It is just not fair for these poor little babies!

Enjoy the pictures and I'll be posting Halloween pics next weekend!


Joshua said...

I am cracking up looking at those teeth on your little guy-LOL My what big teeth you have. LOL Looks like you are are having fun with the big crazy teeth. Hope that you are feeling better. We are not going out for Halloween, never do for that matter. We are all going out to eat:) We can buy candy any time. Sorry to hear about your friend.

Daphne said...

That's so SILLY! Very cute!