Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Year Ago

It was one year ago today I received the referral of a beautiful baby boy! I remember receiving the 171H in the mail and faxing it immediately to my agency. They were out to lunch so I had to wait to call them to be sure they received it. Within two hours they called me and said they had a referral for a new born baby girl. I clearly remember my reply, "A girl?" I felt so bad saying that but I requested a boy and preferred a boy. I told her I would take whatever child was available but I knew there were boys WAITING. Within 15 minutes she called me back and said she sent me a picture and information on a 5 month old boy. She also said they were going to send me another one and I could pick. I was thinking, 'oh no, don't do that, don't make me pick!' I was at the library with Nico. We raced home to open our email and there he was...Jose all his glory. It turned out the other little boy was referred to someone else. I was so relieved. I remember picking Nico off the waiting children from the internet. It seemed so weird to pick a child from hundreds based on pictures!!

Yesterday I received his new Missouri birth certificate. He is officially Luca Miguel.

He is doing great, but has a cold right now with the rest of us. He was up for several hours last night, as was mom. I felt so bad for him. They don't make meds to give the little ones over the counter anymore. I ran out of my toddler dimatap, so ended up giving him baby tylenol and holding him up while the drainage left his nose. He was struggling to breath and suck on his pacifier. He seems better today with a trip to Walgreens for more toddler medicine. Mama is keeping a close eye on him as I have to go back to work on Monday. Figures he gets all yucky when I have to leave him. He will be with my brother and sister-in-law and he is a firefighter and she a paramedic so he will be in great care, but I will miss putting him to sleep. I find joy though in the fact I only miss him sleeping and not all the hours he is awake and on the go.

He now says 'uh-oh', imitates 'all gone', and when we drive by the cows on our road he says 'mooooo - but without the m'. It is so fun to watch the development and watch him grow. It happens to fast.


Cheri (prounounced like the tree, like the fruit, as in Cherry Pie) said...

I can't believe the amount of hair Luca has. I think Malaena-Sloan is the only baby from Guatemala with not a normal amount of hair. Her's is growing and is beautiful, but it's just funny to follow all the blogs of Guatemalan babies with an enormous amount of HAIR! Your family is beautiful, too! Cheri from Jackson, MO!

Daphne said...

Congrats on the new BC! I know it feels good to have that step complete. :)