Saturday, December 1, 2007

DNA Taken

Doing the happy dance here. I found out that DNA was taken on November 19. I am anxiously waiting for the results to come back. They say usually about 2 weeks. They tell me this time I will get a polaroid picture of the baby with his birthmother with the results. For Nico I received a photocopy of the picture with the results. Our file is in family court and apparently the interview with the birthmother is taking place. Once we get the results from DNA we enter Pre Approval (known as PA). This is the US side of the first stage. Once all clears family court and PA then we move to PGN.

It seems many people have gotten their pink slips this past week, which is the final stage. DNA still has to be tested on the baby again to be sure he/she wasn't swapped, but it means the baby is very close to coming home.

I am praying hard for his arrival home around his first birthday in May. But I am also going to be realistic and know it may not happen that fast.

The baby should be visiting the doctor this week so more pictures should be coming.

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