Saturday, December 1, 2007

Baby's name will be.....

Baby King's name will be Luca Jose Austin King once he arrives to us. I call him Baby King, the Baby, Chubsy Wubsy, but not Luca until he arrives. I do this in case something happens to him and he doesn't come home to us. While he grows everyday in my heart, in my mind by not calling him by the name I want, it keeps him more distant just in case which I know many people don't understand, but being through the adoption process twice before, keeps me on the side of caution.

Adoptions don't always proceed as we want them to. In Guatemala the birthmother can change her mind throughout the process. I love the name Luca and want to name my little boy this, so I don't tie it to any one child until he is in my arms. So please when you refer to him, refer to him as the baby, little guy. We admire his pictures everyday and I can't wait to hold him in my arms.

Luca is just a name that I like. Everyone has loved Nico's name so much I wanted something unique for this little guy too. Jose I will keep as his middle name because that is his original birth name. Just as I kept Nico's birth name as his middle name. I don't know who named him and want him to have a part of his original birth name stay with him. Austin comes from the name that Nico actually wanted to be the baby's first name. I do like Austin and was going to use it as his only middle name, but will add it in with Jose.

Nico feels a connection with this baby already and is so excited to get a little brother. He tells everyone he meets he is going to be a big brother.

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