Thursday, December 27, 2007


I emailed the attorney in Guatemala yesterday, hoping to get more accurate information. She wrote back today to let me know that she entered us to PGN on December 26 so we could have a 2007 date on our documents --- this will grandfather us in. We will be kicked out with what is called a 'previo' because we don't have Pre-Aprroval yet, but we should have that within the next two weeks - I hope.

I am hoping while it is in PGN if they find other things they need then they will have us fix them at this time instead of going back in and getting previo'ed again. It would be so great to have him home before his first birthday!

I am anticipating new pictures of our now 7 month old baby boy the first week in January. Keep an eye on your emails for new pics and hopefully some health information.

I am hoping he received his Christmas package and they will send some photos of him with his toys.

Happy HOlidays everyone!

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