Thursday, December 6, 2007

NEW PICS!! December - 6 month Pics

I have been waiting anxiously for DNA - still no results yet. Instead, today I received the December pictures of the baby! He is absolutely adorable!!!! He is smiling and pushing himself up. I have to say I have the most beautiful boys in the world --- okay, maybe I am a little prejudice.

I didn't get a medical report, so I don't know his weight or height measurements. I emailed back to see if they have them. He looks so healthy! I am so glad.

I can say I am going to book this trip to Guatemala today! I am ready to hold this little guy NOW! Heading out in February - it's seems so far away.

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Kelly said...

Debbie, He is absolutely adorable. I cannot wait for you to kiss those chubby cheeks either!!!! Hope to see you Sunday,
~Kelly Johnnie