Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ARRGGH! A Pirate Festival for Us

Last weekend I actually had a Saturday and Sunday off of work. They had a scheduled power shut down over the weeekend which caused me to have to work on Thursday and Friday night. It was actually really nice to have a 'weekend' off. We got the family (well, some of it) together and went to the Pirate Festival. This is the first year we attended. I usually attend the Renaissance Faire which is in May, but I have missed it the past few years. Nico's birthday is in September so this was a fun way to get the family together and then head to Culver's for dinner and ice cream cake.

Every parent needs one of these in their backyard for those wonderful teenagers ~arrgggh!

My brother, Vince, sitting with the ladies at the Gentlemen's Club.

I can't get the photos to move around right, so I am giving up posting photos for the night. I hope to get more on soon.


vaneblu said...

sounds like fun!!
Hope you can post more pics of the festival :)

Leslie said...

Omg toooooooo fun!

Joshua's blog and his mom Angie said...

Love the new pics! LOL!! They look like they had a blast!!


Debbie, Great pics. Have a great weekend... Blessings,