Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Rainy 4th of July

My Firecrackers!

We started the 4th of July with buckets and buckets of rain. It stopped for a bit in the afternoon and then continued again in time to stop the fireworks show in our home town. We ended up doing a lot of housework today and were able to get a couple of rooms straightened out and shelves hung up. I had to work Saturday night, so Friday we spent our family time together.

We take Fridays off from schoolwork (during the summer) and plan a special activity for the day. This week we went to Grant's Farm with our friends, Melissa and Nate. We have so much fun hanging out with them.

Luca did great feeding the baby goats. He did not freak out at all when they all huddled around him trying to get that little baby bottle from his hands. We were afraid he was going to want to drink it, but he has been baby bottle free for 5 months now and did fine. He was not afraid to pet the snake or touch the nasty hissing cockroaches....ewww, gives me the shivers just thinking of them. (As a matter of fact, just this afternoon, he picked up two dead beetles and brought them to me....great, thanks!!! - at least they were point, he is not afraid to touch creepy, crawly bugs).
You can see the nasty cockroach in the picture.

Nico had a great time. He kept telling me last night how much fun he had. That is what totally makes my day. It is also great because of the special memories I have of going to Grant's Farm as a kid and then bringing each of my children there. My parent's gave me such special memories and I am blessed to have these three boys in my life to carry on the memories.
This is Luca's first merry-go-round ride! He was in awe of the lights and mirrors. Nico enjoyed making faces at us as he was going around. Melissa managed to snap a photo of it....unknown to her until she looked at the picture.
I had the boys dressed in their red, white, and blue and pose to take photos. Luca is getting into the posing thing. He stands and crosses his arms then gives me 'the look'. Luckily today 'the look' was a BIG smile!

After Grant's Farm we went to Winfield (a little town near us) for a 4th of July carnival and were then going to watch fireworks. However, it started raining so we left after Nico rode the spinning swings for the 6th time in a row!!! (Ugh, I would have been puking after the first.) I think he is gearing up for Disney. We ended up going home and setting off some of the fireworks we had bought earlier in the week.

Am I cute or what????

Mike kept the boys tonight and planned to take them to the firework show in Troy, but when they arrived they found out it was canceled. There were also a ton of people stuck in the mud of the fairgrounds!!!! Mike had his big pick-em up truck but was unable to pull anyone out for fear of getting himself stuck, so homeward bound they went. Mike and Nico finished setting off the few fireworks we had bought. All in all, still a great 4th of July.


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