Friday, July 10, 2009

Boys of Summer

One Happy Boy!

I have had Brian for a few days. It is so nice to see him again. Nico loves having him here because it gives him someone to play Wii with and today they were able to go swimming without mom having to hang out right there. They are all getting along really well this time. I think Brian being away helped their bond. Although I really miss him, the house is alot calmer when he is not here. I know he is 17 and I know our bond will get stonger again too. He is a very loving boy and still gives me hugs and kisses. He is doing good and enjoying working with his dad. As always I worry about him and am always excited to see him and have him with us.
(The Three Amigos!)

We are planning on going to Tan-Tar-A with Brian in August for the MO-Guate weekend. He is really a big help to me with the boys. I really need to try to plan a night or weekend away with just Brian and myself.

Luca's personality is growing every day. He is so funny and has the cutest expressions. I try to capture them on film, but of course, he won't perform on demand. He is very empathic and tends to go up to children when they are crying and pats them on the back or arm. It is so cute. He is enjoying drawing (scribbling) on paper and then proudly shows us the beautiful work he has done. He does most of this while Nico is doing his lessons. He is also getting very interested in looking at books and 'pretending' to read. In his mind he is reading. He loves music and enjoys singing and dancing. He loves Mike's guitars and the piano.
Guitar Hero!

Luca's vocabulary is coming along. He now has two and three word sentences; although most can't understand him, we can. He tends to be lazy in forming his words completely. He is still picking up on the sign language and signing while saying the words. Nico and I are having fun learning sign language and have used it a few times amongst ourselves. We play games like Simon Says and Red light, Green Light (stop and go). Hopefully soon we can get some sentences together and carry on a mini conversation.

Writing an important note to Daddy! He holds his pencil right already.

Oh, I forgot, he is also showing signs of using the potty. He now runs and hides when he is pooping in his pants. We were in the middle of playing catch tonight when he ran off around the corner. I heard some grunting and said, "Are you pooping." He lauged and ran off....yep, a load in the diaper. So, we are working on the potty chair.

This week was not overly exciting in our activity calendar. Next week we are going camping at Mark Twain State Park and the Lincoln County Fair is going on. Nico is on the look out for a turtle and a bullfrog for the turtle and frog races. He is also practicing for the watermelon eating contest. Last year he came in 2nd place....shooting for 1st and the $3.00 jackpot. (Hopefully this year it won't pour down rain while the event is taking place, I had to put my camera away early and obtained blurry photos...but blurry is better than none!)


Leslie said...

They are all sooo handsome!


Thank you for joining my blog. I have joined yours as well. I love homeschooling so much also. I love to see them learn new things and how excited they get. Also to watch them pick out their treasure from the Treasure Chest when they pass a test:) What treasures do you have in your treasure chest? The swimming pics looked great. Hope to get to know you. Blessings,


Just checking in with you, hope everyone is great. When we were potty training, We switched to the potty seat for the toilet really quick:) Hope to talk soon. Blessings,