Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby's Got Words!

Luca's vocabulary is skyrocketing!

Just this week he started saying "All Done" and "Done", "doo-doo" (for poo-poo), "I want out", "I come down" and "What you doing?"

His other words include: "Sponge Bob" (which is pronounced 'pum bob' - my cousin's boys think it is hilarious the way he says it and try to get him to say everytime they see him). It is quite adorable....especially since it was one of his first words. He also says, "Dye-Dye" for bye-bye, "hello", "hi", "dink" for drink, "eeee" for eat, "Dico" for Nico, "mama, mom", "daddy, dad", "I see", "moo" for move, "uuu" for up, "thank you", "peas" for please, "go", "me", "mow" for No and many more. (He also signs for many of these)

He says a few more that I can't think of off the top of my head. I just love how their vocabulary starts to grow. Sometimes I wonder how they figure out what they are suppose to say, such as "ME". I don't go around saying, "me do it" I say "I will do it", but somehow he started in with, "mow, me" which is "No, me!" I love that he is starting to express himself with words and being able to ask for things. We really try to stress that he uses words or signs to get what he wants.

I just love being home with my boys and watching the developement and spending so much time with them. I am blessed to have a great job that allows me to be with them and not have to stick them in daycare all to homeschool them and have them home with me...I LOVE IT!

I can't believe August 5 is soon approaching. This is Luca's Gotcha Day. I am not sure what celebrations we are having, but we are headed to Tan-Tar-A for the weekend for MOGUATE. I was so excited to go last year with him in tow as I was not sure when he was coming home. So, every year Tan-Tar-A MOGUATE weekend will be a special event for us.

More later as it is time for me to sign off and get home (I am working some overtime tonight and ready to go).


Leslie said...

Yes i say many of these words 100's of times a day!!!!!!



Debbie, Thank You for filling out the questions, Hope you had fun. What is Tan-Tar-A MOGUATE weekend? He sounds so precious, It's so fun to see your babies talk and learn. How have you been? Are you all ready for homeschooling? I really enjoy reading your blog and your great pics:) Blessings, Audrey