Thursday, July 23, 2009

Playing with Photo Program

I have been having fun over the past couple of days playing with my new photo enhancement program. I have ALOT to learn about it, but had fun playing with some of the settings on some recent photos we took.

Today we sat on our front porch and watched a thunderstorm build up. The clouds were rolling, lightening flashing, and thunder growling. We were able to catch a couple flashes of lightening as it streaked out of the sky. It was a great science lesson for Nico as he was able to see the cooler clouds being pushed up and around by the warm air moving in. We were wondering if a tornado was going to occur it was rolling so much.

Nico found this adorable little green tree frog in the yard. Nico posed the little guy on the branch so I could take some macro photos of him. I love how you can see all his little bumps and wrinkles. We printed them out to frame and decorate my 'nature' bathroom with. They turned out pretty nice.

Here is one of our kitty cats. This is Zeus. I truly believe he is a little boy reincarnated. He is such a little rascal, just like my 3 boys. Today he was hanging over the side of the swimming pool trying to get to the football floating in there. I was just waiting for him to fall in. One day he thought he would make use out of the bird bath since there was no water in it. I don't know if he thought he was going to catch himself a bird or if it was a nice comfy place to hang out. I like the pictures.

The photo of the bee was taken in Hannibal last week. I did some photo editing and just highlighted some colors. I am not printing it, but I kind of like the affect I got.
Our goal is to decorate our house with pictures of our vacations and pictures of our family. We can spend just as much money getting a picture I print professionally matted at Michael's as if we bought pictures that we don't even know where they are.

I would like to take some classes on photography. This is one of my goals for the year, if I can get someone to watch the boys for me for a few hours.


Leslie said...

wow you are really good these are great!

JOSUE said...

buen dia q lindas fotos.felicidades
y siga disfrutando sus maravillosas bacaciones con sus 3 muchachos. saludos de Guatemala.

Luis Noe Y Blanca Lidia de M.

vaneblu said...

WOW this are REALLY good pics!!! have fun in Orlando and take tons of pics of the real Mickey ;)
We are planning on going to Disney ourselves in december!