Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Break

Mike's Dad, Jim, and Step-mom, Darla, came to St. Louis from CA. This is their first time to St. Louis and they didn't get to stay long enough. Mike has lived here for 15 years and, of course, I have been here my whole life. Nico wanted to show them so much, but there are just not enough days.
Luca was running to Darla by the last day. He took to her quickly. She doesn't look old enough to be a grandma does she? (Luca had many nicknames over the week. These included, Rocky, Popeye, and Chucky....his face swelled all across and he did look like Chucky).

We spent Monday waiting on Mike and his dad to get back with Mike's new 'pickem up truck'. Darla came over and brought the boys "Mario Cart" for Wii. Nico was SUPER EXCITED! Grandma's are so good for spoiling our kids. Once the guys got back we took Jim and Darla to Mount Pleasant Winery (only 25 minutes from our house...yipee!). They were celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful, but breezy, day.

This is just the wine tasting and Darla looks looped already! (Love you Darla)
My honeybunch and I. It was so nice to have some time off and away from home.

On Tuesday we went to Branson and home on Thursday. They left on Friday. Darla's family was having a family reunion in Branson, so she was able to kill two birds with one stone. :-)

Here is 'Papa Quackers'

As you can tell, we rode the ducks and got our 'quackers'. We had a 'quacker of a time". Nico even lost his tooth because of the quacker.

We were able to get in some miniature golf. Luca found it was a lot easier to pick up the ball and try to throw it in the little hole rather than using the golf club.

I love how Nico is linning up the ball.

I absolutely love homeschooling. It was nice to pick when we wanted to take spring break and the weather turned out AWESOME!

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