Monday, April 20, 2009

Boy vs Dog

This photo is from Friday morning (4/24). The bite happened on Sunday (4/19). We took the stitches out Thursday night. As of this Sunday (4/27) the eye is almost all the way open. There is still some swelling at the top of the eyelid. I am amazed at how fast he healed!

Luca's eye and head are doing much better. He was able to start opening his eye yesterday (Thursday) and Thursday night we took the stitches out while he slept. He twitched a bit, but never opened his eyes. The thought of holding him while the doctor attempted to remove them was not good, especially with the one cut right on his eyelid.

The wounds look good and he is as happy and active as ever. He is also still petting and kissing on Petey. Yes, Petey is still there. I am making sure to keep him locked in the laundry room with his food until he is finished and then it gets picked up. If we are upstairs I keep Petey downstairs. Petey is giving kisses back and still seems to avoid Luca if he can. I truely believe he realizes he did wrong and did not mean to; it was just instinct.

My poor little Luca was bitten by none other than my own dog yesterday. I am so mad at Petey, but Luca was playing in his food dish while he was eating. Petey is 12 years old and came into my life when I just had Brian. Petey has never bitten anyone (he has snapped at a few people), so this was really disheartening to me. We were not in the room when it happened, but Mike had just fed Petey, Luca walked past him, Mike went to the restroom, and suddenly heard the dog noises and Luca screaming. I am kicking myself because I was upstairs on the computer. I didn't even hear anything, until Mike said, "OH NO!" Of course, I was a beeline downstairs and saw Mike holding Luca with blood streaming down the left side of his face and Luca, of course, in hysterics. We were quickly in action getting to blood off to see the damages. We weren't sure what happened to his eye....Thank God it was still intact!

I knew the cut on his forehead would need stitches, so off we went to the hospital. 2 hours later, Luca had 4 stitches. There is a pretty good gash right underneath the eyelash too, but the dr. did not want to try to stitch it. It swelled up big time by 9pm but I think this was due to his running around.

He slept through the night fine and it still sleeping at 8am. I will wake him soon to see how the healing did over night. I am hoping it is not too pasted shut to irritate it all again.

Before the stitches, but after we had it cleaned up. (3pm)

After the stitches (5pm), it is already starting to swell up.

Taken at 9pm. It really swelled after an evening of running around. The one tear breaks my heart!

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Kelly said...

OMG!! I didn't realize it had been so long since I have stopped by. So sorry to see little Luca and his bite. I am glad to hear it wasn't more serious and he is healing up good. He is still adorable even with his swelling!! Love seeing the pics of the boys. Can't believe how big everyone is getting!