Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Own Photo shoot

I took the boys to the local city park to try to get some photographs. (I spend too much money when I go get professional photos taken.) The trees were all in bloom and it was sunny out for a change. However, it was a bit chilly and windy. But, we got a few good shots. Brian was even with us. These are untouched photos. The focus on some of them is out. I need more practice with my camera!!! But, this is our life and our casualness. I am a scrapbook addict and will admit it. I like my photos to capture who we really are.

It has been so rainy, windy, and cold here. I am so ready for the nice weather. One of the many perks of homeschooling is we can take our spring break when we want to. So, we have postponed ours until April 20, for two reasons: we have family come in from California, and two hoping the weather will finally break (maybe they'll bring some warm weather.)
The Three Amigos - Luca not so much wanting to stand there, he wanted to get the ducks. This resembles the first photo I took of the boys in Guatemala when we visited for Luca's first birthday.
This was our first photo in May 2008....Luca still not wanting to be there, although this time was because he just met these crazy characters.
Brian, he just turned 17 the end of March.
Nico was not into posing and trying to get great photos. I always have to catch him on the fly or in action when we are outside. Nico is 7.5 years old.
Look at me climb!

I just love this photo of Luca. He was laughing hysterically at Nico. He can be seen laughing in the next photo. He finds his big brothers so funny. This is Luca's Embassy shirt.

"I'm going to get me some ducks!!!"

Momma and her Luca Bear!

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Kelly said...

Greta pics!!!!! I think its supposed to be beautiful outside later this week YAY I am so sick of the gloominess!!!!