Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Preparing for Baptism

I have finally made the arrangements with church to get Luca baptized. I was thinking he would be able to wear Nico's baptism outfit since Nico was about 20 months when he was baptized. I pulled it out of the closet and found out it was a 6/9month outfit. I knew Nico was tiny when he came home but didn't realize he was still that tiny at 2o months.

Brian didn't have a baptism outfit. He was christened while he was laying in his ICU hospital bed at 6 months of age. We waited until he was off the ventilator and resting peacefully when we had the hospital chaplain come down and christen him. He was covered with a beautiful white blanket (which I have tucked away for him), a fresh bath and sleeping peacefully.

I decided Luca needed one of his own. The internet is a wonderful thing when you are sitting at work. Here is the special baptism outfit for Luca. He is going to look so adorable and angelic in it. I just love the robe and it also has a hat. Although I doubt he'll leave that on; he hates hats.

My brother, Vince, is going to be the godfather and my sister-in-law, Heather, is the godmother.


The Weinantz Family said...

Debbie, I think I remember you, did you stay at the Marriott?
Our Embassy appointment was on Wed August 6th. I remember a little boy with that same name in the baby room, he was so cute!
Your blog is great!

Anna-adopted Mom to Libby

Joshua said...

He is going to look so handsome in his baptism outfit! Hope all goes well, and God Bless your little guy!