Monday, November 10, 2008

Loosing Teeth, New Words and Driving!

Oh my, these children grow so fast!

Nico pulled his second loose tooth today. The adult teeth were already growing in behind them. He refused to let anyone else pull his teeth. Two weeks ago he called me at work and said, "I pulled my first tooth!" The tooth fairy gave a special $5 for that first tooth. Nico had written a note for the tooth fairy to please leave his first tooth for his mom (she is crazy and wants to put it in a scrapbook layout). She did! He was amazed ;-0). Today we were sitting around and he said, "My other tooth is bugging me. I can't use my electric toothbrush. I am going to pull this tooth." He proceeded to the bathroom and said, "I just need a cup of water". Within 5 minutes he said, "Mom it's bleeding, it's part way out." Then wha-la, out it came. So another tooth under the pillow for Nico. However, this time with a note so he can keep it.

Look Mom! It's gone Nico's newest smile

Luca is growing everyday. He makes us laugh so much. He is running everywhere and just a joy to have in the house. All three boys get along so well!!! I love the age gap between them all. They are all at different stages of their lives. Luca is saying more and more words. I am amazed as he has just been home 3 months and stringing two words together at 17 months of age. His word list includes, 'mama, dada, hi doggie, go Belle (aunt Sandi's dog), what's dat, want dat, uh-oh, my daddy, hi, hi mom (as he walked by me in the hallway-like such a grown up boy), thank you and today he said, "i love you". I almost fell off the couch when he said it. I have, of course, been saying it over and over to all my boys and today I was laying on the couch dozing (after working my 12 hour night shift) and he was sitting next to me drinking his bottle of milk. He finished his milk, looked at me and said, 'I love you'. Oh my precious baby boy!!! He also imitates the cat's meow, the dog's bark, and the cow's moo. He imitates sounds for cars and helicopters.
He looks older than his 17 months sitting at the table like this.

Then there is my 16 yo Brian. I love him so much and am so proud of him. We have had major struggles this year with school and his dad and I battling out decisions and our beliefs in his education. (I am divorced from his dad). Anyway, he is back being homeschooled by me in the manner I want to do it. I am creating the curriculum that I want to use and teaching him what he needs to know to get out into the real world. His dad has been letting him do a lot of driving on his permit while he is with him. I am so nervous letting him drive, but last weekend I was so tired after work, I let him drive part of the way home. (It takes me an hour to get home from work-after working 12 hour night shifts I am exhausted). HE DID GREAT! I am excited to have him driving, but of course, nervous. When he finally gets his license I will be so scared to let him wonder off on his own, but I know it is a step that must be taken. He did so good this week during our lessons at home and doing his chores before playing the video games. He is a wonderful big brother and so much fun to have around. I am hoping the positive attitude keeps up as I am planning some fun lessons for the upcoming days.
Luca absolutely loves his big brother Brian!

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