Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Debbie's Daybook

FOR TODAY January 12... from Debbie's Daybook

Outside my window... a cold, clear night with lots and lots of stars shining overhead.

I am thinking... how cold I am.

I am thankful for... a nice house to keep me warm (although I can't seem to warm up after being outside).

I am wearing... jeans and a flannel shirt (yep, still cold).

I am remembering... 2007, as I want to continue scrapbooking tonight and am that far behind.

I am going... to scrapbook tonight while sipping wine and catching up on "Lost" (season 4).

I am currently reading...the same thing I was last week.

I am hoping... for a productive day tomorrow. We start back to art class and have to get our lessons finished before we leave.

On my mind... my renters who have avoided my phone calls to pay their rent this month.

Noticing that... my desk is a mess.

Pondering these words... "pun bah" (I am hearing my 2 year old's little voice in my head trying to say Sponge Bob)

From the kitchen... bean soaking for home-made ham and bean soup.

Around the house... Luca sleeping and Nico getting his PJ's on.

One of my favorite things~ Nico's laugh

From My Picture Journal:

Nico playing in the first snow of 2010. It was so cold and windy. However, we had to go out and take some pictures.

Yep, that's Luca in there, not Sponge Bob!

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