Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Catching UP

Wow, having our modem down really gave me time to organize some things around the house, but I felt lost not checking facebook and updating my blog with pictures. Here are only a few of the many, many pictures I took during our holiday.

Our adoption agency, Children of the World, had their annual Christmas party. There was a big turn out. It was so great to meet many families that I talked with, but never met in person. The children are all so beautiful. Here is Uncle Rudy with all his kids.

The boys visited with Santa while we were at the Christmas party.

Mike, Nico, and I had a big night out to see the Ambassadors of Harmony. We went with our friends Bill and Ellen. We couldn't take pictures of the show, but here we are together at the show. Nico was excited to have a night out with mom and dad.

Another holiday activity we did was go to the St. Louis Zoo for their holiday lights. My uncle took us on a special day when there was free food and drinks (well, free to us :-) Here is Luca showing off his favorie ~ COOKIE!

We got to ride the merry-go-round. We actually rode it twice, even though it makes me sick. Here is my dad and Nico. He is the best dad EVER!

Here is Nico and my sister, Sandi. She is the boys second mom as they are with her 3 nights a week while I am working. I have nothing to worry about when they are with her. She is the best sister EVER!

Nico is making Zeus a reindeer kitty. He looks thrilled doesn't he.

Nico and I posing by our tree just minutes after decorating it :-)

A great photo of me decorating the tree.

Here we are Christmas morning in our Sponge Bob Jammies! The boys shirts say, Sponge Bob Merrypants.
Here is the whole clan (minus Mike as he was working.) We will also be gaining a sister-in-law along with her two daughters in October. She lives in Australia and will join us in Oct. 2010. We are looking forward to our family getting larger.

I am hoping to have video tomorrow. Mike bought me a new mini camcorder to do some videos with that I can upload to you tube and hopefully my blog.

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