Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brian's upcoming surgery

We had a 3 hour doctor visit Friday for Brian's upcoming jaw surgery. Brian has an open bite which he has always had. He has never been able to actually 'bite' into a cheeseburger, slice of pizza, ear of corn, or an apple. He always has to use his back molars to bite and tear instead of his front and canines. This is all due to his congenital myasthenia. is the blog I started that goes into detail Brian's history and living with CMS and also being misdiagnosed for 7 years.

Brian has seen this surgeon, Dr. Marsh, several times over his 16 years. We visit frequently for team evaluations, especially when he was younger. He was not originally going to do the surgery, but my wonderful company changed insurance companies this year on me. The original surgeon does not take my present insurance, so we are back to Dr. Marsh. However, I feel this is a blessing in disguise as Dr. Marsh is said to be 'the best of the best'. I just hope the new insurance approves it all. (It was all approved under the other insurance).

Brian is really scared but was excited about it, but now not so much. It is totally understandable when you are talking about breaking and reforming a jaw. His lower jaw is too big and set off the right side. The back molars hit first causing the front teeth to remain open with a big gap. He will not be wired shut as the dr. said they try to avoid this. However, no chewing for up to 6 weeks. Brian cannot afford to lose any weight. He only weighs 98 pounds as it is. I will be forcing lots of veggie and fruit shakes fortified with wheat germ and flax seed. Plus he will be able to drink creamed soups...his favorite cream of broccili (yummy-St. Louis Bread company soup!- with a little more pureeing).

Not only does the open bite cause problems for biting, he also breaths through his mouth as he cannot close his mouth comfortably. The speech pathologists was highly impressed with the way he is able to self correct his speech. She mentioned what a good ear he has....he has a great ear for music too (if he would only use it to his fullest potential).

We will know more in a couple weeks when the final report comes out. The orthodontist also has to send xrays and molds to Dr. Marsh so everything can be coordinated. They were preparing to take Brian's braces off, now they need to stay on until he is completed healing from the surgery.

Nico is so funny because he keeps saying, "I am not going to recognize him!" He will definitely look different and I am very excited for Brian to have this done. I think it will help his self esteem ALOT. Plus, I can't wait to scrapbook the page of him BITING into his first peice of food!

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Hope that Brian will have a successful surgery!!

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